Administrative Support

Most positions at UMBC require some intersection with administrative transactions such as travel, purchasing, class scheduling or sponsored research.  Connecting to the right instructions can be difficult in the complex structures of UMBC. The best way to find a “how to” for just about any administrative procedure is to search the DPS Business Procedure wiki.  If you don’t find what you are seeking, please Request Help.  A team member will contact you within one business day.


Common questions:

How do I buy something?

The answer depends on what is being purchased.  The best first step is to submit a request.  Most purchases can be quickly and easily processed by the finance team.  If your purchase costs more than $5000 or includes items that are not allowable on the purchasing card, it will take longer.  State of Maryland procurement policies are quite complex so consulting a member of the Finance team is a good place to start if you’ve never made a similar purchase.

For more information, please refer to the Payment Request Requirements page on the wiki.

How do I hire someone?

The answer depends on the type of position you are filling.  Students, Graduate Assistants (AKA Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants), Instructors (AKA Adjunct Faculty) and Contingent 1 (AKA If and When Needed Temps), just required that you identify the person you want to hire then do some paperwork.  Contingent 2 and Regular Faculty/Staff are much more complicated.  If you wish to hire for this type of position, start with a member of the Payroll team before doing anything. Either way, submit a request with the Payroll team to get help.

Once a Hiring Manager has been given permission by his/her supervisor to hire for a vacant, HR approved position, please review the process for Advertising a Position

I’m having trouble with my computer.  Who should I contact?

The answer depends on several factors.  If the equipment was provided by DPS, the best first step is to submit a request with the DPS IT team.  If the equipment was provided by another department, you should consult someone in that department about how to find help.


I have questions about my budget.  Who should I contact?

Because of the financial structure of DPS as a self-support operation, our financial activity is a bit more complex than many departments.  Email the Finance team to schedule a time to discuss your budget.  The Finance team can help you set up financial reporting so you can stay on top of your bottom line.


I’m pursuing grant funding and need help with the proposal.  Can DPS help?

DPS does not manage research grants.  If you are submitting a proposal to provide a service and the funding is structured as a grant, email DPS Finance for assistance. If you are pursuing a research grant, contact the business team in your College or School for assistance. You can also contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance.