DPS Payee Information

Being paid by DPS, in most cases, requires becoming a vendor in the Paw system. The below are instructions for becoming a Paw payee.

Who may need to complete the below steps? Vendors and suppliers that are doing business with us and intend to submit an invoice for payment. Honorarium recipients, staff, faculty and students seeking reimbursement, and others may also be asked to complete this process.

Payee Information

  1. Complete and sign a W-9
    • Here is a link to a W-9 on Docusign
    • Here is a link to an editable PDF
    • Regardless of which type you use, fill the W-9 form out as completely as possible.
    • Use your full legal name and the address at which you get mail and to which you would want any physical check mailed.
    • If your physical address is changing soon please discuss this with your DPS contact.
    • After your signed W-9 is ready please save it to an easily accessible local file.
  2. Complete a Supplier Information Sheet, attach the W-9, and submit.
    • The Supplier Information Sheet is solely a Docusign process and is usually initiated by a DPS staff member. If your DPS contact has not yet initiated the Supplier Information Sheet you can do so at this link.
    • Complete the sheet consistently with the W-9.
  3. Confirm with your DPS contact that your information is appearing in the paw system as you intend it. Make sure that additional any documentation being submitted to support a payment is consistent with the above two forms. For example, if you submit an invoice with a remit to address that is different than the address on the submitted W-9 you will be asked to recomplete the Supplier Information Form and attach a freshly signed W-9.

Legal names and details matter!

Electronic Payments

After a DPS payee has been correctly entered into the PAW payment system they can then choose to become a part of the EFT program if electronic payments are preferred to mailed live checks.

The State of Maryland requires all contractors to be registered to receive state payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) before any contract exceeding $200,000 is approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works. Additionally, all vendors are encouraged to register to be paid electronically. The State has the ability to process vendor payments electronically using the CCD and CCD+ and CTX payment formats.

The CCD+ payment format will contain summarized information and will not provide details concerning each invoice amount included in the check total. However, vendors may obtain the detailed information on an electronic payment via the One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry System.

The CTX payment format will contain the total payment amount and details concerning each invoice amount included in the check total.

Vendors must contact their bank in order to receive the CTX format, and the depositing bank may charge a fee for this format.

Vendors need to discuss potential charges with their bank.

If you want to receive all payments from the State using the Electronic Funds Transfer program, complete and submit form GADX-10 by fax or mail. The process of registering with the EFT program can take 4-6 weeks on average. Even after successfully registering with the EFT program, a new vendor’s first disbursement may appear via live check.

Fax: 410-974-2309

Mailing address:

EFT Registration General Accounting Division

P.O. Box 746

Annapolis, MD 21404-0746

The following links will introduce you to the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program and help you register.