Finance & Business Services

Night time aerial view of the academic quadThe Office of Finance and Business Services (FBS) is a multifunctional unit that provides services in Human Resources, Payroll, Procurement, Accounts Payable, Financial Management, and the Development, Administration and Integration of Database Systems. Our goal is to provide effective and efficient financial planning, reporting and accounting systems that help DPS faculty, staff and students achieve their objectives.


Services and Support

  • Payroll/Human Resources is responsible for onboarding/offboarding employees and the collection and processing of payroll paperwork. See the hiring timeline for first pay disbursement for new hires.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable is responsible for procurement and purchasing activities (including monthly reconciliation), processing of any payments made directly to a unit, and providing support for the non-credit registration system. For more details, see the DPS Payee Information page.
  • Database System Support is responsible for the system administration, integration and development duties for all in-house and third party business systems.
  • Financial Management leads the FBS unit in addition to preparing, implementing and maintaining all unit budgets, while overseeing business operations and processing of tuition revenue capture and transfers.
  • Operational functions include management of key distribution and collection for office and building access, and entering and monitoring work orders for Facilities Management support.


Responsibility Matrix

Visit our Responsibility Matrix for a detailed list of services provided by the FBS team and which area is responsible. You will need to login to myUMBC to access this page. Reference this list if you have any question about who should initiate a specific request or process.


Contact Us

Please submit a request if you are in need of support from the FBS team.